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#5. Hiding The Word in My Heart Produced Growth

The primary tool and most profitable and difficult was verse memorization and read in Word daily, I continued to live by, teach by, and love by the scriptures. The Word produced biblical principles that spurred me onto countless victories, happiness in life, and emotional and spiritual growth.

Positive Results of Biblical Principles - For example, biblical principles were a primary for changing my character. I acknowledged that change was a natural part of life. Since, I experienced counseling and a discipleship simultaneously during a rough time in my life. I decided to prevent more pain from previously learned bad choices that I would began to choose and implement Biblical principles for a safer choices and a happier and longer life. Biblical choices helped me to change my life drastically when I used memorized Bible verses to live by. These verses were titled for an appropriate principle of life, and they built on each other adding stability and faith.

The Key - "The Assurance of Salvation" was the key to my faith. It can be for all saved people, for once I believed what I received (I had faith). Over the next seven years, I trusted that the Bible’s truths were mine which spurred me onto faith and to countless victories. Biblical choices continued to help me change my life. In addition, my prayer life strengthened, and during praying the Holy Spirit would recall memorized verses. Next many verses were recalled in many other aspects of my daily life. At the pinnacle, I had hundreds of verses memorized. At the pinnacle, I had hundreds of verses memorized, and I was teaching two discipleship courses, discipling three disciples one-on-one, leading a large group's praise and worship, and overseeing conferences and retreats.  

In Summary - In my defeated past without Christ and without faith in Him, I was a fearful man of all men and women, a loner, and a very angry person. I did not have Christ as Lord, the knowledge of discipleship, a counselor, or the will to live or change.  When I reached the my lowest point,  my divorce, I was ready for suicide, but when I cried out for help to my unknown God I wanted to know if He existed. He led me to a quiet pastor and he and that fellowship, "LOVED ME TO A CHANGED LIFE IN CHRIST."

Moreover, with Jesus personal freedom was enjoyed when I let go of my life and hung onto Jesus, the Word. I accepted the Lord's call, vision, and power. As I obeyed, I saw the victories and blessing by faith. My personal life changed, my family was strengthened as I gained a gift of my wife, and my ministry was established and grew. My faith developed as I submitted to His Word, His Spirit, and His people. As I memorized verses, I accommodate the topic and as I lived I was able to assimilate them into my lifestyle. 

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