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#4. Disciple to Discipler

Integrated and Created a Ministry  - As I integrated my E.T.S. studies, I developed and created a ministry for groups. For examples combined book number one with many of my relevant learning. I integrated personal examples, memorized verses, prayer, and meditation. I established and taught a nine and a sixteen-week programmed discipleship group, "Experiencing Daily Victory.”  Next, I sought individual disciples.

Disciples - After the groups call to service in Christ was extended; it expanded. The group produced a first disciple. As my disciple's involvement increased, I wanted to include others, so well that I presented it as a call to Revival  at the Praise group, and this call produced a second disciple.  Then, my next responsibility was to work with my disciples out side of our E.T.S courses work. I needed help in facilitating small groups and leading the main group, so each disciple led a small group within the study. I followed up on my disciples within the discipleship relationship. I later encouraged my disciples to help lead the "Experiencing Daily Victory" group.  They took turns teaching and I followed up, mentoring them about leading a main study group.  

Established Another Group  - The E.T.S. experience continued to help me to minister. I started another group, "Bearing Fruit" it was topic focused: "Raising Single Parent Children in Tough Times,"  "Escaping the Darkness," and "Being Content With My Money." It grew too, so I elected previous respected attendee's of my "Experiencing Daily Victory" group to help lead the small groups.

As A Discipler - I completed the mentoring of my two disciples, throughout to completion of E.T.S. that consisted of about two years each and finished our formal discipleship relationship. My disciples each taught a disciple while I continued to mentor them. In a final blessing, I selected a new disciple, a Lady, and we eventually married. 

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