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#3. The Call is Multiplication Not Addition

In review over the past year, I began to trust and obey the Lord. Faith is the most important building block to achieve the mission's purpose to build up the body to maturity. The training of other disciples required the Lord’s power not mine. The assigned verse, Col. 1:28-29, Trust Jesus (Vol.1., E.T.S., Dawson) "We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone in all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ. To this end I labor struggling with all his energy, which so powerfully work in me" (NIV).

Addition - As a new disciple a year before, I was on fire to tell the whole world. I tried to add converts. I figured that if I could tell everyone what I know they too could enjoy the freedom I was experiencing. On my first attempt I tried to add people to my new vision, so I became a Bible study leader and started my first group. I had high expectations, I had enough coffee for fifty people but only two attended. I focused on single parent's struggles and needs, but the group never grew. A year later the group disbanded. On another attempt, I tried adding myself to a group. I joined another singles group called Marketplace Ministries in hopes of getting ideas that I could take these principles back to my local church. It was a college group that focused on lifestyle evangelism. I led groups and eventually became a mentor. Next, I was asked to attend a yearly seminar and lead a group in lifestyle evangelism. Not much occurred because in the early parts of my ministry, I focused on addition or converts. Converts are people added to the group, for the leader does the minimum to gain followers not disciples. These leaders tend to convince their followers rather than knowing each person while training individuals to be disciples.

Multiplication  - In contrast requires a long term commitment of training and relating to a disciples with a goal of personal active maturity not only inactive learners. The pastor had suggested that I seek a disciple. As noted above the church I was attending had only a few people I could relate to, so I moved to a Single  Parent's group at a nearby larger sister church. After sometime at the group, I became disappointed by the Bible studies that were given. I asked to help lead a study and present a call to discipleship? They agreed that I could start with leading a Bible study. I used the book of Jonah to issue a call. The book of Jonah was effective to empathize to the hurting about what happened to Jonah when as he ran away from God's call to missions. I empathized that I too was out of God's will. I rejected His call to follow His commands. Then I felt like I was in the Belly of the fish, so then I prayed, and I followed God's call to server Him, to discipleship. My study group began to multiply, and it grew from five to thirty. I recruited other disciples. Multiplication occurred and works best when people agree on a vision, have a common bond, and they are willing to meet to accomplish the vision. Multiplication goal is to train people to maturity and discipleship, so they can teach others as a discipler. In leading a discipleship group, new responsibilities were learned. I was learning from some spiritual leaders, but that was only part of my responsibility. Next, I was responsible to pass personal discipleship on or for training individuals as discipler.  (E.T.S. Chapter 3)

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