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Stage 1. The Bitter Fruit My life Without Jesus

Whether we are a believer or an unbeliever we can leave Jesus out of our life. And unless you know Jesus you cannot go on to the better or the best fruit. We all need to understand what is possible only through Jesus Christ.

Now when we that do know Jesus should realize that salvation and sanctification are only possible through a relationship with Jesus Christ. Let us review some of the elements that block a relationship with Jesus.

Are you ready to trust Jesus?
First time trusting to Jesus, we need to pray this, Jesus, I am a sinner and I know I cannot come to Heaven without a relationship with you. Jesus I need you to save me. I accept you Jesus.
Believers time trusting to Jesus,   Believers:  Understand How the Bitter Fruit Prevents Sanctification

Next, we move away from the bitter fruit and begin to seek and mature spiritually in the better fruit. So now we are going to talk about the Better Fruit.

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