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The Best Fruit leads to the abundant life, which is very different from where we started in the progression:

In the Best Fruit , Jesus promises in John 10:10, is the abundant life. Jesus is called the Great Shepherd, so as a Shepherd he not only protects, Jesus helps us produce the best fruit. Christ Jesus leads us step-by-step by the Holy Spirit as we live by faith.  The believer's promise for the sinful nature is Jn. 10:10.  Jesus gives good gifts and not a snake or a scorpion, Luke 11:11-13. He wants to give the abundant life. A snake or a scorpion is the bitter fruit of the sinful nature from our life without Jesus. Also, the bitter fruit maybe from our current choices that are affected by our unresolved past. Going by faith to the cross and then to the throne of Jesus helps us to live out and enjoy the abundant life.
 The Bitter Fruit - The Best Fruit - The Fruit's Overview